Spin Academy

Within a year of working with Spin Academy, an online DJ School, we got them ranked number 1 on Google for competitive keywords and we had many other big wins including:

  • We created revenue positive Google ad and Facebook ad campaigns
  • Created content that went viral and got us international press
  • Positioned them correctly in a niche market so it was easy to sell their services
  • And through A/B testing got them an insane conversion rate of 1-30. Meaning 1 in 30 customers that visited Spin Academy was converted into a paying customer.

So how did we accomplish all this within a year? I will tell you, but first let me give a you a little back ground and let you check out our commercial.

The DJ school was a subscription based service. You sign up for $20 a month and get access to hundreds of tutorial videos on how to DJ.

I partnered with MetaLab one of the world’s largest website design firms who has also designed sites for Walmart, TED, and Disney to build the site.

Our designers created a gorgeous UX interface that our customers LOVED to use.

Within three months of starting the business it was generating revenue and growing fast.

Within a year of starting Spin Academy it was a revenue positive business that was generating thousands of dollars of cash a month and had virtually zero overhead.

Here is how we grew the business so fast…

Niche Market Positioning 

Simply put Spin Academy solved a problem that nobody else was really solving. It was really hard to learn how to DJ! Having done it professionally I knew this was true and there was nothing online that provided good lessons on how to DJ. I knew I would have killed for good lessons and paid lots of money so we figured that there were lots of other people like me out there and we were right… By positioning the business in a non-competitive niche it was easier to market the business. Easier to get press. Easier to get backlinks. Easier to get shares. You get the picture.

How we got Ranked 1 on Google – Our SEO Strategy 

By developing relationships with key stakeholders in the DJ industry we were able to get backlinks from big players in the space. Through these backlinks and solid on page SEO we were able to get ranked number 1 in Google for the most competitive keywords in the industry such as “how to dj” and “learn to dj”.

We did guest blog posts, giveaways and even created a infographic that went viral and got us international press. The key in developing all the relationships which were instrumental in our success was providing a lot of value to the other party. Many people expect to just get backlinks because they asked. It doesn’t work that way anymore. You have to build relationships or deliver something that is so unique and incredible that people really want to share it.

How we got a Positive ROI on our Google ads and Facebook ads

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are expensive these days but we still succeeded in creating revenue positive PPC campaigns by targeting high converting keywords that weren’t super competitive. A key part of this was knowing our customer lifetime value. Even though our product only sold for $20 it was a subscription based service and users stayed on it. By knowing that our average customer lifetime value was at least $80 we were able to spend $40, $60, or even $75 to acquire a single customer and we still made money.

How A/B Testing got us an INSANE 1-30 Conversion Rate 

Why do people want to learn how to DJ? I asked this question to a number of “highly qualified” marketers and they all answered with the same response: to get girls and live the party lifestyle! Well it turns out they were all wrong… And here is why.

Having amazing copywriting that resonates with your target audience can drastically improve converting visitors into customers but how do you know what the best pitch is? That’s the great thing about marketing these days you can test a number of different pitches simultaneously through A/B testing. We tested a “Party and Get Girls Pitch” and a “Love Music” pitch and some variations of each. We also tested multiple price points and landing pages.

We did this by making a number of different landing pages and using Unbounce and Optimizely. Turns out my gut instinct was correct and the “Love Music” pitch worked better than the “Party and Get Girls Pitch”. Not just a little better, 10x better!

In fact if we had just gone with the “Party and Get Girls Pitch” chances are the whole business would have never made any money.

Through A/B testing different pitches, prices and landing pages we were able to get an INSANE conversion rate. 1 in 30 customers that visited our site through paid traffic became paying customers. Gotta love speaking right to your niche audience with the right price point.


Due to all these factors my team and I were able to turn Spin Academy into a successful revenue positive business that generated thousands of dollars a month in just over a year.

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