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Top 5 Secrets to Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Trying to get your landing page to convert can be seriously frustrating, but what few people know is that there is a proven science behind creating high converting landing pages. I’m Roshan an internet marketer who has worked with some of the top online marketing agencies in the world and studied exactly what works and […]

how to write viral headlines

How to Write Viral Headlines

In this video I will show you how to use an amazing tool called BuzzSumo to create viral headlines and to promote your content online. The one thing I forgot to mention in the video is that you have to create awesome content if you want people to share it! The better the content is the […]

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How to Get More Energy

I used to work as a personal trainer and one of the number one complaints I got was I want to workout but I’m just so tired. Having enough energy is foundation of everything you do in your life. That’s why I made this video on how to increase your energy. Hope you enjoyed it! […]


Conversion Optimization Tips: The Three Essentials

There are three main mistakes I see entrepreneurs make all the time that will prevent them from every making any money online. In this video I’ll let you in on these three secrets so you can take use of the conversion optimization tips that could potentially completely change your business. If you want help with […]


Are You a Superhero or is Opportunity Your Kryptonite?

Some people are allergic to opportunity! In this video I explore why this is so you can avoid it and start living a more empowered life. Next time opportunity comes knocking you might want to ask yourself what would a superhero do in this scenario? Also, ask yourself do I really have that much to lose […]


Start Online Video Marketing Today

If you aren’t already doing online video marketing get on that ASAP! In this video I’ll go over the three main reasons you need to start video marketing. Just to recap the three main reasons to start video blogging and doing more video sales letters are: People like watching videos much more than reading articles. […]


Want More Time in Your Life? Start Saying No Everyday.

Learning when to say no can be one of the most powerful skills you can adopt not only in your personal life but also in your business. I’m always working on saying no more. It’s easy to let other people’s agendas distract your valuable time and energy away from your goals. Maybe it’s saying NO to going for […]


How to Use Fear to Succeed in Life

When Allen Iverson, previous NBA Rookie of the Year, needed motivation his coach used to remind him of his brutally harsh upbringing. Allen grew up in the slums with his mom where drugs, violence, and rape were rampant. His coach used the FEAR of going back to his past as LEVERAGE to get Allen back on track. […]