I help companies grow online through internet marketing.

Here is how I started.

After struggling with a number of my own business ideas I was approached by the founder of one of the most successful website design companies (MetaLab) in the world to start a business. MetaLab designed websites for companies such as Disney, TED and Slack.

I have also been advised by Thrive Digital who is one of the top online marketing companies in North America and currently works with companies such as Uber.

Working with some of the biggest players in the online space has given me a unique perspective on how to grow companies online.

It has also given me access to high end talent that is now employed by me regularly.

More importantly I learned how to grow a profitable business online based around my passion fast and this is what I help people do.

I help companies:
*Get qualified leads to their websites through Adwords, SEO and social media
*Convert incoming traffic into paying customers by creating high converting landing pages
*Scale their business from six figures to seven figures and beyond
*Dial in their online sales process so it is effortless and automated
*Use social media in a way that generates income and exposure

My company also does all the hard work of building marketing funnels so you don’t have to.

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Our Team

Roshan Virk

Roshan Virk