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Want More Time in Your Life? Start Saying No Everyday.

Learning when to say no can be one of the most powerful skills you can adopt not only in your personal life but also in your business. I’m always working on saying no more. It’s easy to let other people’s agendas distract your valuable time and energy away from your goals. Maybe it’s saying NO to going for […]


How to Use Fear to Succeed in Life

When Allen Iverson, previous NBA Rookie of the Year, needed motivation his coach used to remind him of his brutally harsh upbringing. Allen grew up in the slums with his mom where drugs, violence, and rape were rampant. His coach used the FEAR of going back to his past as LEVERAGE to get Allen back on track. […]


Why Nobody Cares About Your Business Idea

At least once a month someone tells me their business idea and then says something along the lines of: “Don’t tell anyone about my idea I don’t want them to steal it.” But here is the thing: NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about your ideas! I’m not trying to be harsh, or be negative, it’s just the […]